How everything started with Google

The new model of Konstantin Chaykin got his inspiration from the google front page which was created in honor of Eadweard Muybridge and his zoopraxiscop. After Chaykin wondered about why horses can be on the front page he started to conduct some research and already a new model was created in his mind: The Cinema watch.

The watch model Cinema

Konstantin Chaykin will launch this year a very unique new time piece: the so-called Cinema watch. The watch is dedicated to the early cinema and especially to Eadweard Muybridge and his invention, the zoopraxiscop. This is a device for projecting images that are generated chronographically and was invented in the year 1879. Eadweard tried to figure out whether there is a moment in which a leg of a horse is on the ground or not.

Therefore, this important element was included in the watch by the Russian watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin: a running horse that runs for almost 20 seconds. A watch that shows the evidence that a galloping horse almost flies, at least for a short time it has no leg on the ground.

The design of a vintage camera

But the truly exceptional, of this beauty is the design of the watch. The luxury watch is strongly reminiscent of an old camera or projector. The pattern of the old camera has been portrayed accurately on the dial of the watch and thus gives her a very special character. The interior of the clock is a 01-KCM 1Kaliber that was made by Konstantin Chaykin.

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