88 RUE DU RHONE is a new and independent Swiss watch brand established by Elie and Pierre Bernheim, entrepreneurs and grandsons of reputable watchmaker Raymond Weil. The global success of RAYMOND WEIL, one of the most established Swiss watch houses, inspired the youngest entrepreneurs of the family to create a dynamic luxury watch brand dedicated to youthful, stylish and value-minded generation. The first collection of the brand, the double 8 was unveiled at Swiss Watch Show at JCK in 2012.

The launch collection is comprised of both female and gent’s pieces ranging in size from 29mm to 42mm with both quartz and automatic movements. The Brand’s name comes from the famous and prestigious street in the city of Geneva, which mirrors the name of the city’s river. The signature logo engrained in the design of the collection bears the number 88, encompassing the ideology of good fortune and representing infinity. The first affordable luxury line of watches from 88 RUE DU RHONE, the Double 8 Collection is available in price range from $395 to $995.

88 RUE DU RHONE Double 8 Collection – Origin
Origin, the very first model from double 8 collection by 88 RUE DU RHONE is an urban and elegant watch model that comes in a contemporary, yet sober design. A richness, but perhaps also good fortune, lies behind the individual characteristics: a red hand that stands out from its black and steel surrounds, and especially the graphic interplay around the 8, a lucky charm, and the brand’s formal signature, 88 RUE DU RHONE, on the crown and case side.

This new Swiss watch brand’s name echoes the famous and prestigious street of the same name on the banks of the river in Geneva. The circumflex accent on the “o” of “Rhône” has somehow mysteriously disappeared. As for the number 88, this is nowhere to be found in reality, not on any door or luxury window. Actually, it’s the only missing number in the Rue du Rhône… Just where number 88 should be, there is something much more precious: the view of the Rhône leaving Lake Geneva. It is precisely here on these banks that Swiss watchmaking was born five centuries ago. The watches of the Geneva brand 88 RUE DU RHONE identify with this tradition of age-old watchmaking excellence. However, conceived by Elie and Pierre Bernheim, successful young entrepreneurs from RAYMOND WEIL family, in tune with the times, they have updated the reference codes.

As the collection’s initial model, double 8 origin sets the tone and establishes the fundamentals: stitched leather strap, all in black, a 39mm polished steel case with pure lines and a deep black dial with the date at 3 o’clock. From these somber waters emerges the brilliant steel color of the hands and applique Arab numerals. While initially sober-looking, this first model certainly does not lack character: a fine, contrasting red hand brightly displays the passage of the seconds, as time flows by; the rippling waters of the interlaced 8s extends right to the heart of the dial, like a Clou de Paris decor; the brand’s double 8 logo, white transferred onto black, boldly replaces the metallic index at 12 o’clock and, finally, the brand name supreme, stamped as a double 8 on the crown and the name of the famous Geneva street on the banks of the Rhône engraved on the case side.

Chemin de la Combeta
2300 La Chaux-­?de-­?Fonds
Official website: http://www.88rdr.com

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