In 2010, Cecil Purnell unveils its first caliber at the watchmaking fare in Geneva. Since then the brand strives each year to develop an original model, and continues to develop its complications.

Today discover with Chronollection five of the most iconic models created by Cecil Purnell.

Cecil Purnell Complications Classique Watch

Cecil Purnell Complications Classique
This model is one of the most classic of the brand. The simple case in rose gold highlights a fully transparent dial that reveals the complex mechanism of this watch limited to 5 copies.

Cecil Purnell Watch Complications World Time Bi-Axial Tourbillon

Cecil Purnell Complications World Time Bi-Axial Tourbillon
This model is also part of the complication compliaction collection but has a world time complication, a horizon indicator and a bi-axial tourbillon.

Cecil Purnell Watches Lacroix

Cecil Purnell Lacroix
This model was the first piece of the iconic brand and has now become a classic. This watch is a 10 copies limited edition.

Cecil Purnell Watch Lucky Lady Red Pave

Cecil Purnell Lucky Lady Red Pave
This model is based on the Lacroix watch, it is presented in a more feminine and distinguished manner. The tourbillon also a more discreet presentation. Each piece in this collection has a unique crimping.

Cecil Purnell Watch Pit Lane

Cecil Purnell Pit Lane
This watch is the most innovative of the brand. It also has a very sporty look with its big time mechanism. The model is also a limited edition of 10 copies.