Rolex ! A name you can’t pass by when talking about watches. If there is one watch brand that managed to be in everybody’s mind, for better or for worse, it’s this one. Even though the brand often suffers from an obnoxious reputation, it still offers some great pieces. Sure, the flashy and ostentatious watches might come to mind first, but Rolex has some nice understated and less expensive models. So if you’re considering buying a luxury watch but can’t seem to chose, here is a quick guide to buying your first Rolex.

Yes you can buy a Rolex without spending too much

When looking at buying a first Rolex you might wonder which one you should choose. The purchase of a Rolex is a big step, especially for people on a budget. No need to worry, Rolex offers plenty of relatively affordable pieces far from Rolex’s infamous bling-bling reputation, whether accurate or not. To help you know about Rolex’s least expensive watches, we made this quick Rolex buying guide. We’ll show you our top 5 Rolexes under the €10,000 mark.

First off, let us agree that everything is relative and buying a Rolex is quite an investment, probably too much for most people. But in comparison to other pieces as well as Rolex’s overall expensive identity, we’ll deem these 5 watches “affordable”. Also, to find cheaper models you might want to take a look at second-hand markets. Who knows, you might even find some vintage treasures.

Which Rolex to buy : 5 watches under the €10,000 mark

Some might not like Rolex’s style or what it stands for, but the brand did not get where it is by chance only. Mechanics and performance wise Rolex has nothing to be ashamed of in comparison to its competitors. For our part, we’ll take Rolexes for what they are, costly but quality watches, rather than some social status they might provide. Without further ado, let’s start our Rolex buying guide.

Rolex Explorer : a simple and efficient explorer watch

Probably one of the brand’s most iconic models. The Rolex Explorer cuts to the chase and aims to be efficient as well as straightforward. Featuring a 39 mm steel case and an automatic movement, this sturdy and accurate watch was made to endure harsh conditions, with modern explorers in mind. This piece is quite sober with its black dial, 3-6 9 display and smooth bezel, making it an instant classic. It also embarks an in-house automatic movement.


La Rolex Explorer

This 214270 reference is available for 6,000 euros. We also really like its 36mm little sister, the 114270 reference.

Datejust 36 : a classic city watch

The DateJust 36 falls into the city and dress watch category. It has a classical look that some other Rolexes do not have. Thanks to its 36 mm steel case it almost looks like a unisex piece. We’re really into its blue dial and roman numeral, which bring out its classic style and give it more character. Also we could definitely see it worn with the right leather bracelet.


La Rolex Datejust 36 mm avec cadran bleu

This 116200-0060 reference costs 6,200 euros.

Submariner : a great diving watch

As the name suggests, the Submariner is a diving watch, which aims to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. This piece features large luminescent hour marks, designed for a better reading under water. It also features an unidirectional rotatable 60-minute graduated bezel with knurled edge, to offer accurate reading and diving time monitoring as well as an excellent grip under water. Style wise, the Submariner is relatively simple with its black dial.


La Rolex Submariner, une plongeuse

This diving watch houses an in-house automatic movement. Sold for 6,850 €. Reference : 114060.

Milgauss : a magnetism resistant scientist watch

The Milgauss is aimed towards scientists. Featuring a magnetic shield to protect the movement, it can endure a magnetic field of 50 to 100 gauss. This one is set apart by its orange hour markers and thunderbolt shaped second hand, reminding us of its main feature. Our preference goes to the white dial model, which is also cheaper.


La Rolex Milgauss, antimagnetique

You’ll need 7,050 euros for this 116400 reference and 7,500 euros for those with the green sapphire crystal.

GMT Master : ready to travel

Last but not least in our list of pieces for less than 10,000 euros, the GMT Master. This watch is aimed at frequent travellers with its independent and adjustable 24h arrow-tipped hand in addition to the conventional time display. This helps you track two different time zones, thanks to the 24h rotatable bezel. This watch is a solid, elegant and practical piece. It does feature Rolex’s typical cyclop lens over the date, which might not be to everybody’s taste.


La rolex GMT Master en acier

This 116710 LN reference is available for 7,700 euros.