Horology brand 4N was founded in 2009 by Francois Quentin, a professional of the horology universe. Independent designer since 1986, he is behind the creation of various models for famous Swiss and French brands. He is in particular co-founder of HAUTLENCE for HL models and co-creator of the Tambour, Louis Vuitton iconic model. At 49 years old, François Quentin professional experience allowed him to acquire specifics skills in fields as diversified as machine-tool industry, eyewear or web-design. Degree holder in horology since 2006, François Quentin is today proud to develop himself as watchmaker designer.


In 2013, 4N presents its first high horology piece equipped with an original and innovative complication: jumping minutes and hours. 4N differentiates itself with the development of a very efficient numerical display thanks to its ergonomics and the figures’ impressive size (5.5mm). It is interesting to recall that the origin of the name 4N rests on the 4 Numbers of the hours and minutes display.

portrait-NBM. François QUENTIN

4N-MVT01/D01 model is the brand first creation. It is a manufacture movement based on a manual complication with hand-winding and a 12 hours numerical display concentrated on the dial. This model relies on a multiplication and particular configuration of the rotating discs as well as on minimum energy expenditure. The 10 discs divided in 3 sub-categories liven up simultaneously to reveal the hour according to a jumping display as the minutes pass. This system of jump by constant force is energy efficient and uses only one source, a twin barrel.

4Ntitanium 4N-Black-Dos-A4-B

This technological prowess comes from the brand partnership with the manufacturer Renaud and Papi (Audemars Piguet Renaud and Papi) which positions 4N in the contemporary high horology. The best watchmakers trusted the manufacture, seduced by its innovative spirit but also its advanced manufacturing methods and its technological mastery. Today, APRP manufacture choose to work with 4N allowing it to reach the highest excellence level on the watchmaking market.


Several months of work have been necessary for Renaud and Papi team to develop the principle of jump setting off. The partnership allowed many technical achievements on the 4N-MVT-D01 model using high quality materials and taking care of handmade finishing.

This level of excellence results in an exceptional power reserve of almost 10 days, much more than the other display complication models offered on the market. The movement includes no less than 514 components of which 78 rubies, which makes the 4N-MVT/D01 one of the most complex pieces of high horology.

The 4N-MVT/D01 is available in 3 different finishing: 18 carat white gold, titanium and platinum. The strap can also be chosen among different materials.

picture-4N-back_case-2 P4N10_-_MVT_05 P4N10_-_Montage_04_


Technical Specifications 

–          Jumping minutes and hours

–          Digital display by discs

–          Double barrel with simultaneous transmission stop-work

–          Screw balance: 9.12mm

–          Breguet spiral

–          Rhythm: 21 000 Alt/hour

–          514 components

–          78 rubies

–          237-hour power reserve (10 days)

–          Finish: all parts are hand-decorated

–          Fast time-setting with pushbutton

–          Quick change of the strap

–          Limited edition 16 pieces

–          Recommended retail price :  180 000 € including taxes