An independent watchmaker

If you know the history of the independent watchmaker Kari Voutilainen it is no longer a wonder why he can create so beautiful watches. Kari Voutilainen has learned in the Academy of Horlogere Createurs Independants ACHI, and then collaborated with the luxury watch manufacturer MB & F and afterwards with Maitres du Temps. Working with the two luxury watch company and its education have given gave, Kari Voutilainen a lot of inspiration for his works. But his latest timepiece was influenced by a trip to Japan and so the luxury watch Sarasamon 28 was created.

Traditional Japanese craftship

The limited edition of Kari Voutilainen is as the name says limited to only 28 watches. These watches are designed with special Japanese technology: the Saiei Maki-e and the Somata Zaiku technology. To learn this particular technique it takes months, but the effort for these watches pays off.

At first various Japanese flora images are created for the watch dial. Through the creation of “Gold Tunnels”, that are filled with different materials the incredible light reflections will be achieved. There are different layers for one dial. After each layer the dial will be polished what adds the shining to the watch. At the end gold dust is used and the watch will be decorated with gold leafs. This gives the wonderful luxury watch this special glow and the intensity of the colors.

With the 37mm pink gold case and the black ring around the inside colored dial of the watch the real elegance was created. Extravagant, but not too much. The timepiece is a very unique creation because it combines the traditional Japanese art and the Swiss Haute Horlogerie (which is responsible for the movement).